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Our physical office location has closed and now you can renew directly with your Doctor Online
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Consultations in 3 Easy Steps

Complete intake form

Renewing patients please enter the form using your name and number, fill out best you can, open/sign consent, and then click submit. 

Purchase Letter

Secure, Discrete, & Confidential Billing thru online shopping cart. Once your intake form is submitted You will be redirected to the page to process payment for your renewal. 

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Digital & Paper Letters

As a returning patient you will receive the digital e-signed copy in email provided as well a paper wet signature official stamp letter in the mail. 


24/7 Verification

With Consultation Resource Center Online you'll get 24/7 online verification powered by Greenlife Medical Solutions and live text support  10am-6pm Monday - Saturday

Secure Billing & Health

Our discrete billing is on secure PCI compliant systems for credit card processing and HIPAA compliant medical intake secure forms. Contact us for assistance. 

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Instant Digital PDF

You'll receive an email with a digitally signed PDF letter of recommendation. This letter can be shown to many local dispensaries or delivery services. 

Paper Letter Mailed

You will also receive an official letter of recommendation embossed stamp & wet signature to your confirmed shipping address.

12-Month Letter

Once processed and renewed your recommendation will include a full year verified letter, approved by your renewing licensed California doctor. 

Same Day Access

Your doctors of recommendation will be emailed and hard wet signature letter sent same day. Both can be used for local dispensaries or delivery services.  

Medical Patient Benefits

The Benefits of Keeping Your Medical Marijuana Rec After California Goes Legal

- Access to all medical dispensaries

- Access to more variety of meds

- Less state sales tax
- Help prevent potential job lose

- Can help against DUI cases

Check link for access to more information about rights as cannabis patients

Recreational vs. Medical

Having your medical cannabis recommendation is beneficial going into an unknown legalization year. Starting Jan 1 2018, California has started the adult use recreational program.

There still a lot of confusion surrounding legalization, especially regarding cannabis cards.  Here are some points to consider:

  • A medical cannabis recommendation is an official letter issued by a licensed medical doctor which will always be useful to get safe access to medicine
  • The state of California is issuing their state card thru their Medical Cannabis Identification Card Program
  • This state program offers holders a tax discount on medical cannabis and can only be obtained if you have a verifiable doctors recommendation
  • Many counties are only allowing medical cannabis doctors recommendations
  • Having your medical cannabis recommendation you are able to purchase more cannabis that is normally allowed under adult use legalization
  • 8oz of flower for Medical Patients vs. 1 oz for those without a recommendation. 
  • Having access to medical support is an added benefit to go over your health and wellness goals as well to have access to informational resources.
  • See our resourceful website below

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About Us

Years of Experience

The Consultation Resource Center of San Diego specializes in the evaluation of medical conditions and the recommendation of alternative cannabis as support medicine.  If you feel you may benefit from the use of medical cannabis please contact our office see if you can qualify for a letter of recommendation for the use of medical cannabis and get your card today. 

Medical Acceptance

Cannabis has been used for hundreds of years medically and over the recent history has become a medically sound method for managing pain and other ailments. There are risks and benefits, like with any drug, and there are no exceptions to medical cannabis. If you are completely new to the use of cannabis please visit our physical office to have a comprehensive evaluation.

Medical Cannabis Helps with:

  • HIV / AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Neuropathy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Seizure Disorder
  • Pain management

And more...


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